What’s NEW! May 2018

•Windows 10 Support for the Component Temperature Test Systems (W-2500)

•Windows 10 Support for the Roughing Chamber (W-961i & W-962i)

•The new 250C-2 PCIe Network Analyzer (Windows 10 Licensing included) Be sure to have at least Revision 18.30 of the 250B software installed.
•The new 250B-2 PCIe Network Analyzer (Windows 10 Licensing included) Be sure to have at least Revision 18.20 of the 250B software installed.

•Windows 10 Support for the Etcher (W-5910 and W-5920)
•Windows 10 Support for the Plater (W-5510 W-5520 W-5250 W-5400)

•Windows 10 Support for W-280A/B
•Windows 10 Support for W-2800
•Windows 10 Support for W-2810

Performance Test Report for 250B/C

High Speed Multiple 250B Controller

•Windows 10 Support for W-5600
•Windows 10 Support for 250B


All applications that are supported in Windows 10 (64-bit) no longer support Windows 2000 or Windows 98. There are separate installation packages for Windows XP and Windows 10, so be sure to select the correct download. In order to license an older application that you already possess for use on Windows 10, you must contact Saunders & Associates, LLC and order a license upgrade. There is a charge for this license. When ordering a new system from Saunders & Associates, LLC, you now have the choice of Windows XP or Windows 10 (64-bit) licensing.

Migrating your system From Windows XP To Windows 10

We will be supporting other applications in Windows 10 soon. Look for the W-940A Blank Sorter in July. Look for the W-2200 and W-2220 software in August.

Windows System Software
W-250B W-250C W-250D
Network Analyzer
18 Jul 2018

W-280A W-280B
Oscillator Analyzer
28 Jun 2018

W-350A W-350B W-350C
W-350D W-350G-NG
Final Test and Sorting System
06 Jun 2012
W-901A W-901A-01 W-901A-02
Transfer and Sorting System
24 Oct 2014
W-910A W-920A W-920B
W-940A W-941A
Final Test and Sorting System
17 May 2016
Pallet To Pallet Transfer System
11 May 2015
W-2200 W-2220
Crystal Temperature Test
07 May 2018
Benchtop Temperature Chamber
12 April 2012
Component Temperature Test
26 Feb 2018
W-2800 W-2810
Oscillator Temperature Test
05 Jun 2018
W-5250 W-5250S W-5510
W-5710 W-5710-1 W-5710A
W-12SA W-12SA Controller
W-6SA Upgrade
W-Inline Controller
W-Port W-Clone
Crystal Plating System
28 Jun 2018
W-5400 W-5400S
W-5520 W-5720
W-12SA Oscillator
W-6SA Oscillator Upgrade
Oscillator Plating System
28 Jun 2018
Crystal Base Plating System
17 May 2016
W-5910 W-5910i Dual W-5910i
W-5920 W-5920i
Etching System
03 Jul 2018
W-961i W-962i Dual W-961i Dual W-962i
Roughing Chamber System
24 May 2018
LAN Server 250B
12 Jun 2018
LAN Client 250B
12 Jun 2018

PCI Counter Card Software
04 Feb 2004